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In Fawnskin ... It’s Short Size That Matters

Downtown Fawnskin looking to the Southeast. The Doo-Dah Parade approaches toward this direction and ends at this corner on Highway 38. Image Credit: Mike Manning

In Fawnskin ... It’s Short Size That Matters

Fawnskin, California: Image Credit: ©2006 Mike Manning

Here on the Oblate Spheroid, up in the San Bernardino mountains, about 100 miles East of Los Angeles, around Big Bear Lake this weekend, the world’s shortest parade - The Fawnskin Doo-Dah Parade, proclaimed as being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, takes place in a town on the North shore of the lake.

The Fawnskin Doo-Dah Parade even features a “Fly-Over” by two civilian prop-driven planes. Image Credit: Millener Productions

The areas where the parade participants get together and then end are larger than the parade.

This approximately 40 minute parade is one of two parades staged over the summer celebration event here in the Big Bear Lake valley area known as “Old Miners' Days.

Here is what the official website says about Old Miner’s Days and the event:

Old Miners' Days

The Old Miners' program has been an institution in the Big Bear Valley since 1949, with many of the events dating back as far. This year the 4 weekends of festivities will begin with the Picnic at the Lake, a fundraiser to help support other activities, mainly the OMD Parade, and ends with that annual parade - traditionally the first Sunday in August.
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Old Miners' Days Doo Dah Parade
Saturday, July 28

This parade is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the shortest parade at 3 blocks long, but what a punch it packs!

Off-the-wall, cheeky, and outright funny is how this event is often described by those that attend. You'll have a good belly laugh at this one-of-a-kind parade that spoofs the Old Miners' Day Parade in August.

"Nuns" - Big Bear Valley C.A.T.S. (Community Arts Theater Society) - Image Credit: ©2005 Edmund Jenks

Don't be surprised to see men dressed as nuns, toilet paper floats, and everything else imaginable. The DooDah Parade is only 3 blocks long, so get there early for a good seat because anything goes at this sometimes odd but tremendously fun event!!
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Additional information about the history and background of Fawnskin -

Fawnskin, California

Fawnskin, California is an unincorporated community of San Bernardino County located on the north shore, more specifically at Grout Bay, of Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino National Forest. It sits at an elevation of 6750 feet at the north end of Grout Bay and is bordered by Big Bear City to its east. Directly across the lake is the incorporated City of Big Bear Lake, California.

The small township was once an artist’s colony. Mountain travelers in the 1800s came to the Big Bear Valley through Fawnskin on the rough road by stagecoach and later motorcars. Several other names were temporarily chosen for the North Shore village including Cline-Miller, Bald Eagle Valley, Big Bear Village, Oso Grande and Grout.

The village has always been an attraction to vacationers seeking a retreat from city life in its mountain terrain. Several hundred homes are in the forested mountainside adjacent to the forest.

Gold miners, loggers and hunters were drawn to the adjacent Holcomb Valley during the 1800s. One urban legend is that some hunters discovered deer (fawn) skins stretched out to dry in the sun. Hence, the area became known as Fawn Skin and later Fawnskin.
Fawnskin was once the hub of lakeside acivity, serving as a
stagecoach stop and tourist attraction with hotels and dining.

The town includes the Fawn Lodge, built in 1917, but now closed. The Pedersen Saw Mill, which lies just west of the lodge, and the historic post office which lies to the east of it, which is now a private home rental. Downtown Fawnskin has some of the oldest buildings in the valley.

Once popular for camping, the Lighthouse Camp and Landing is the only surviving north shore camp from the 1920s. Hanna Flats and a YMCA camp located within the forest above Fawnskin remain favorites of vacationers.

Image Credit: ©2005 Edmund Jenks

Fawnskin events include the comic Doo Dah Parade, the Loggers’ Jubilee and the Fawnskin Festival. The town also claims the only "honest" election in the nation: anyone can vote for the Fawnskin Mayor, votes are donations of a quarter. The candidate who wins is the one who raises the most money. Hence, the town "buys" their politicians.

Today Fawnskin is designated as a protective habitat for Golden and American Bald Eagles. They return annually to the valley from November to April.

In 1998, the multi-million dollar Big Bear Discovery Center was built and plans to expand. The facility is operated by a partnership between the US Forest Service and the San Bernardino National Forest Association. The grounds around the center are the projected new home for the Big Bear Zoo, presently located at Moonridge on the south shore.

A variety of celebrities live in the area. Two publishers operate out of Fawnskin and several writers live there full time including Bradley L. Winch, Diana L. Guerrero, Rita Robinson, and William Sarabande. Actress/singer Shirley Jones and her husband actor/comedian Marty Ingles also own a home in Fawnskin. Marty Ingles and Shirley Jones created Fawn Park in downtown Fawnskin to prevent development. This park has been closed since July 2006 due to a dispute between Marty and the residents.

The small area contains other parks such as the Old Miller School House Park, Dana Point Park, and the Don Conroy Memorial Park.
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