Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"i-CAUGHT" - From Target, To Food, To Family Member

i-CAUGHT Logo - Image Credit: ABC News

"i-CAUGHT" - From Target, To Food, To Family Member

Life here on the Oblate Spheroid can be pretty tenuous at best, especially if you happen to be an animal in Africa.

Last night, a new television show entitled “i-CAUGHT” aired that features video that is posted on the internet (primarily YouTube) for many purposes. For some, people post to share, others post in an effort to discover more information, and most people post video because they now can.

Battle At Kruger - The first YouTube video reported on at i-CAUGHT … Amateur video captures a riveting battle among lions, crocodiles and buffalo in Africa.

ABC News, the division who manages the effort to make “i-Caught” a successful television endeavor has created a web portal of its own through which people can participate in the development of the content shown on the program.

i-Produce, a button feature on the Home page, allows anyone to help “produce” the upcoming airing of the show by voting for the video one believes is the best offered. The video receiving the most votes will be included in the next week’s airing thus giving the show an interactive quality.

This from ABC News’ i-CAUGHT web portal –

What is i-CAUGHT?

Well - we all know there's a video revolution swirling around us all - 24/7. Ask yourself... how many times were you caught on surveillance video today? Did you - like more than 100,000 other people - upload a video onto the internet? Did you go online like millions of others and watch a video?

We're ALL a part of this new video revolution.

But it's more than just entertainment. Every one of these videos has a story behind it. Who made it? What was going on behind the scenes? What came after it? And how much can we really believe what we see?

An awful lot of it is also news. The politician caught on an open mic. The policeman caught doing the heroic - or the opposite. The patrol on the streets of Baghdad. Or the moment when Mother Nature wreaks havoc on the ususpecting. We're watching - literally - as every single person with a video camera can gather news for all the rest of us.

We call this new television and internet experience i-CAUGHT. Because that's how so many people feel these days. Everywhere you look - cameras - catching everything: breaking news... making headlines... turning unknowns into celebrities... turning others into laughing stocks...

And for all the world to see - in an instant. It's video at the speed of life.

Every week, i-CAUGHT brings you the real stories - reporting on the real people - behind the videos that millions of us watch and share everyday.
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Truth is, NowPublic and i-CAUGHT would make a good pairing because video is more than just images ... video is surrounded by and contains a story that has a beginning, middle and an end ... just as it is revealed in "Battle At Kruger" - From Target, To Food, To Family Member!

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