Friday, August 9, 2013

Auto Show In The Mountains At Big Bear Lake's 24th Annual Fun Run

Crowds viewing the  classic cars, hot rods, custom paint jobs, wheels, tires and chrome all in one place, the parking spaces in the Village of Big Bear Lake! Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2013)

 Auto Show In The Mountains At Big Bear Lake's 24th Annual Fun Run

Join the Antique Car Club for the 24th Annual Fun Run! The show takes place all around a closed-down Big Bear Lake Village on the South shore of Big Bear Lake. All of the cars in the show are staged/parked in the commercial parking spaces and Chamber of Commerce parking lot in and around the village.

The competition is limited to 500 entries and the admission to the car show is free!

Special commemorative Big Bear Fun Run artwork adorns T-shirts for sale to help raise money for many local charities.  Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2013)

The Big Bear Lake Antique Car Club was founded in 1982 by a group of people who shared a common interest in “vintage automobiles.” The purpose of the club is to indulge this common interest and raise money for charities in the Big Bear valley, California.

One of the greatest spectacles of this vintage motor culture display and the reason the event is dubbed "Fun Run" is when all of the vehicles that are in the show competition take to the road that circumnavigates the lake and drive to both the delight of the owners and spectators. The cars and motorcycles leave at 3:45 PM on Saturday, August 10, 2013 (This time is FIRM) and the West gate will open for the "Cruise around the Lake" or "Fun Run."

People who are aware of what is about to take place, set up perches around the roads waiting to see and hear their favorite vehicle(s) and greet them with enthusiastic waves. This cruise for the participants who are driving takes about 30 minutes ... but for the spectator, the parade of the "Fun Run" or "Cruise around the Lake" lasts over an hour.

Route map of the actual Big Bear Fun Run ... the rolling display is why, for 24 years, this car show remains a must do summertime Southern California attraction. Image Credit: Big Bear Fun Run

The run will go West from the Village entrance on Hwy. 18 for about 4 miles and North across the Dam, turn right or East on Hwy. 38 through Fawnskin (for about 5 miles). Then continue on Northshore, turn right on Northshore lane, pick-up their commemorative mugs, and turn right on North Shore (Hwy 38) to Stanfield Cut-Off and turn right, go across the cutoff road to Big Bear Blvd. and turn right, and back to the Village. Any roadside perch is a good spot to see all of the vehicles as they roll around the Lake.

When the cars that were on display, take to the road for the roughly 15 mile parade, clock-wise around this San Bernardino mountians 'blue jewel', this is when the fun really begins ... what a treat. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2013)

The cars parade through Fawnskin on the North shore of Big bear Lake here on August 13, 2011. Image Credit: vegaslugnut via YouTube

For 23 years, people have come up to the mountain air and Ponderosa pines of the San Bernardino national forest and enjoyed the classic cars, hot rods, custom paint jobs, wheels, tires and chrome all in one place, Big Bear Lake! Come on up and bring a camera because this is the kind of event around the Oblate Spheroid that never disappoints.

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